Bridge and Box 150 – the perfect combination of appealing design and functionality


By combining the portion control Bridge with the undercounter Box 150, we created a smart solution where only the delivery point is visible. This allows you to discretely house the Box 150 under a kitchen cupboard, office cabinet or similar.

Enjoy the convenience of a continuous, large quantity of cold still water, room temperature still water and cold sparkling water.

Thanks to the innovative direct cooling technology, the system convinces with high comfort, appealing design and strong performance.

Fields of application:

Offices, waiting rooms, fitness centers, hospitality, private homes, just to name a few

General features:

Quality features

  • Aluminum and stainless steel
  • 3 taps with protected spouts
  • High hygiene and safety
  • Professional steel carbonator
  • Energy-saving production

Your daily advantage

  • Smart, space-saving and professional solution
  • Protect the environment through the reduction of plastic waste
    & reduce the time and money spend on carrying and buying bottles
  • Offer your employees and customers good taste and pleasure as part of a healthy lifestyle