Stratos – Innovative water softeners


Our water softeners take the hardness out of the water and by that reduce lime scales. Thus, you save energy and money because your pipes and technical systems working with water will enjoy lasting protection.

Our Stratos water softeners High Efficiency 15 and High Efficiency 25 offer maximum comfort with a wide range of benefits. The compact system includes a removable salt tank allows for smooth maintenance operations.

In addition, the system has an innovative design and is commanded by an automatic valve with an intuitive visual interface.

General specifications:


  • User friendly control system
  • Easy access for salt refilling
  • The system composes high resistance and reliability materials to ensure long durability
  • Mixing valve included to adjust residual hardness
  • Resin vessel separated from salt tank
  • Holiday mode is included to save resources
  • Safety brine valve to protect installation from flooding


  • Safe money on the maintenance of electrical appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines
  • Your dinnerware and glassware will be shinier and your clothes will be smoother and have brighter colors for longer time
  • Surfaces and faucets will be cleaner for longer time and you will no longer have lime stains caused by hard water
  • Plumbing and water heater installations will have a higher performance, thus saving energy and reducing costs
  • Appliances such as coffee machines do not require descaling