prospring24 – Intelligent front panel to meet industrial needs


The prospring24 convinces with comprehensive operation, circulation adjustment valve, rejection and production flow meter, pressure gauges, just to name a few, for a high degree of control and security.

Depending on the entry criteria the system produces up to 2,640 liters. The system is highly suitable for industrial settings that require high quality water and constant pressure.

Fields of application:

Hotels and restaurants, butchers, bakeries, cafés, agriculture, fitness centers, spas, just to name a few

General features:

Height: 900 mm
Width: 400 mm
Length: 450 mm
about 2,640 L/day
1 x Sediment filter 5 µ
1 x Sediment filter 1 µ
Membrane filtration:
4 x Membrane Typ PS00200
No tank included, direct flow technology

Quality features

  • High quality pressure pump
  • Front panel made of lacquered, anodized aluminium
  • Automatic flushing system
  • Rejection and production flowmeter
  • Reciruclation and rejection adjustment valve
  • Electrical power board with prgrammer and TDS
  • Polyamide tubes, etc.

Your daily advantage

  • Intense flavor of food, bakery & meat products, coffee & tea, etc.
  • Connected appliances such as coffee machines do not require descaling and gain endurance
  • Champagne glasses, wine glasses etc. have a brilliant shine without additional polishing
  • Hobs and pots do not have lime scale
  • Pure water is the perfect thirst quencher
  • Carrying water bottles belongs to the past