lamanata24 – Enjoy the daily benefits together with your staff, patients and customers


Enjoy the the convenience of a continuous, large quantity of cold, sparkling and hot water.

In oder to meet your specific needs, the lamanata24 is available in three different versions.

The lamanata24 offers great advantages. Choosing to drink water directly from this cooler will be benefitial in terms of savings and convenience, and, of course, hygiene and safety.  Due to its high quality and hygiene safety, the lafontana24 even meets the needs of hospitals.

Our lamanata24  appears in a modern and appealing design with an intuitive handling.

Fields of application:

Large companies, stations, airports, hospitals, waiting rooms and public areas, fitness centers, nursing homes, just to name a few

General features:

Quality features

  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Easy front access for maintenance
  • Vandal-proof command buttons in stainless steel
  • Inlet safety valve
  • Internal drip tray with drainage

Your daily advantage

  • Enjoy the taste and the beneficial effects on your body
    (i.e. enhance the ability to concentrate)
  • Protect the environment through the reduction of plastic waste
    & reduce the time and money spend on carrying and buying bottles
  • Save space inside and outside the refrigerator by not having to store bottles of water