hydropro24 – Our high-performance solution for industrial application


Our hydropro24 is designed for high quality and quantity and allows for a daily performance of up to 3.400 liters.

Thanks to the small dimensions and high performance, this system is ideal for business which require high quality water. The system includes all necessary treatment stages.

Its performance can be notably improved if soft water is used.

Fields of application:

Hotels and restaurants, butchers, bakeries, cafés, agriculture, fitness centers, spas, just to name a few

General features:

Height: 725 mm
Width: 620 mm
Length: 385 mm
ca. 3.400 L/day
1 x Sediment filter 5 µ
1 x GAC carbon filter
1 x BLOCK carbon filter
Membrane filtration:
3 x 300 GPD membrane
70 L

Quality features

  • Rotary vane pump 400 L/h
  • Appropriate pre-treatment must be considered according to the quality of water (softenened water)
  • Control system to ensure optimal water consumption
  • Time-controlled electrovalve for membrane flushing
  • Designed for maximum safety and easy application
  • Low and high pressure switch, etc.

Your daily advantage

  • Intense flavor of food, bakery & meat products, coffee & tea, etc.
  • Connected appliances such as coffee machines do not require descaling and gain endurance
  • Champagne glasses, wine glasses etc. have a brilliant shine without additional polishing
  • Hobs and pots do not have lime scale
  • Pure water is the perfect thirst quencher
  • Carrying water bottles belongs to the past