easyflow24 – Plug & play


With the easyflow24 you can save a lot of time. Buying, carrying, sorting and returning water bottles will no longer be necessary.

You will have your own premium source of finest drinking-water directly in your kitchen, single household, old people’s home, office, caravan, camper van, holiday home – wherever you are.

The easyflow24 does not require any installation effort and convinces with easy operation.

Dimensions of the system (HxWxD): 41.5 x 25 x 38 cm
Packaging dimensions (HxWxD): 48 x 31 x 45 cm

This system is provided with a round dial switch for starting a cycle. The electronic board controls the tank placement and water level. The system is blocked automatically if the tank is not properly fitted or there isn’t enough water.
The system has a blue and orange color coded LED electronic control dial which integrates timer and security functions to efficiently manage the cycle and warnings.

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  • Zero installation: doesn’t require any piping and installation
  • Cleaning ratio 1:1, the total amount of water is usable
  • Hygiene, safety und easy maintanance because of Ft filters
  • Eco friendly: efficient water use

  • Portable: can be carried to and used at any place
  • Washable: tank can be unassembled easily to wash properly

5 steps to pure, vitalized water:

Step 1 – Sediment filter

Removes deposits such as sand, sludge, rust, etc. from the tap water.

Step 2 – Carbon filter

Retains chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals and heavy metals.

Step 3 – Quality membrane

A molecular separation process takes place in this NSF-membrane.

Step 5 – Post carbon filter

Antibacterial, silver-charcoal post-filter for taste improvement and odour removal.

Step 6 – Water vitalizer

Vitalization with neodymium permanent magnets,
bioenergetic activation through mineral clay and mountain crystal.