Cooler5030 – Your staff and customers will thank you for it

Enjoy together with your staff and customers pure water which has the ability to increase the enjoyment of water and tea, well-being, concentration, just to name a few. In order to ensure quality and long-term performance, we employed proven and robust technologies and materials.

Our Cooler5030 appears in a modern and appealing design with an intuitive handling.

Fields of application:

Offices, waiting rooms, medical practices, schools, kindergardens, fitness studios, public buildings, just to name a few

General features:

Quality features

  • Multifunction LED information system
  • Energy saving system
  • Electronic tap easy to use
  • Antibacterial output protector,
    replaceable and washable
  • Equipment designed for high consumptions
  • Reverse osmosis system

Your daily advantage

  • Enjoy the taste and the beneficial effects on your body
    (i.e. enhance the ability to concentrate)
  • Protect the environment through the reduction of plastic waste
    & reduce the time and money spend on carrying and buying bottles
  • Easy access to cold water: 4ºC – 12ºC
    Easy access to hot water: 80ºC – 85ºC
  • Pure water is the perfect thirst quencher,
    your staff and customers will thank you for it