artesia24 – Domestic reverse osmosis


The artesia24 convinces with a comprehensive 6-step water filtration (degree of purity up to 99.9%), easy operation and a well-structured display. A multitude of control mechanisms, e.g. filter replacement warning and water quality indicator, guarantee maximum security, thus meeting strict security standards. The artesia24 has received top marks and ideal values in tests. A considerable health benefit is certified by the Centre for Preventive Medicine.

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  • Water quality indicator & filter replacement warning
  • Aquastop: automatic leak detector
  • Ecological: production is controlled for an improved performance
  • NSF-membrane to ensure premium quality
  • Hygiene, safety and easy maintanance because of Ft filters
  • Highly safe tubes and accessories
  • Double flow: ensure fast availability of water
  • Auto flushing: increase durability of membrane
  • Pressure control and warning system

6 steps to pure, vitalized water:

Step 1 – Sediment filter

Removes deposits such as sand, sludge, rust, etc. from the tap water.

Step 2 – Carbon filter

Retains chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals and heavy metals.

Kationenharzfilter 160 x 112

Step 3 – Cationic resin filter

Descales the water, protects the membrane and facilitates ionexchange, replacing calcium ions with sodium ions.

Step 4 – Quality membrane

A molecular separation process takes place in this NSF-membrane.


Step 5 – Post mineral filter

Particular filter for optimal pH value, by remineralisation of the water. Result: best cell availability for organism.

Step 6 – Water vitalizer

Vitalization with neodymium permanent magnets,
bioenergetic activation through mineral clay and mountain crystal.