artesia24 NaturPur – We have learnt from nature


With the artesia24 NaturPur we achieved to refine tap water to such a degree that it has the quality of natural spring water. A total of 7-steps filter and vitalize water on the highest level. We have learnt from nature and constructed our system in a way that our vitalized water increases the human life-force and meets all the criteria of natural spring water. Next to a unique water purification, the artesia24 NaturPur convinces with easy operation, a well-structured display and comprehensive security mechanisms.

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  • Water quality indicator & filter replacement warning
  • Aquastop: automatic leak detector
  • Ecological: production is controlled for an improved performance
  • NSF-membrane to ensure premium quality
  • Hygiene, safety and easy maintanance because of Ft filters
  • Highly safe tubes and accessories
  • Double flow: ensure fast availability of water
  • Auto flushing: increase durability of membrane
  • Pressure control and warning system

7 steps to pure, vitalized water:

Step 1 – Sediment filter

Removes deposits such as sand, sludge, rust, etc. from the tap water.

Step 2 – Carbon filter

Retains chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals and heavy metals.

Kationenharzfilter 160 x 112

Step 3 – Cationic resin filter

Descales the water, protects the membrane and facilitates ionexchange, replacing calcium ions with sodium ions.

Step 4 – Quality membrane

A molecular separation process takes place in this NSF-membrane.


Step 5 – Post mineral filter

Particular filter for optimal pH value, by remineralisation of the water. Result: best cell availability for organism.

Step 6 – Gem barrier

Protects against germs and bacteria – retention rate >99,99%


Step 7 – Water activator aquaSpin 3.8

Micro vortices after Victor Schauberger, orgone accummulator after Dr. Wilhelm Reich, energy spool after Georges Lakhovsky, etc.