aquaslim24 NaturPur – convenience and robustness

Our aquaslim24 NaturPur combines our high quality standards with simplicity and functionality. It is manufactured using reliable and robust materials in order to ensure an inexhaustible source of pure water. With our add on aquaSpin activator 3.8 we have learnt from nature and constructed our system in a way that our vitalized water increases the human life-force and meets all the criteria of natural spring water.

The system convinces with a comprehensive 6-step water filtration, easy operation and maintenance.

This system has an excellent price/quality ratio in order to meet the needs of today’s households.

General features:

Dimensions of the system (HxWxD): 42 cm x 42 cm x 10 cm
Approximately 190 L/Day
1 x Sediment filter
1 x Carbon filter
1x Cation resin filter

Membrane filtration:
1 x certified quality membrane

Finishing and refinement:
1x Post mineral filter
1x Vitalization

Storage tank: 6 L

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  • Easy and quick change of filters and membrane
  • High quality membrane
  • High daily performance
  • Highly safe tubes and accessories
  • Connections are securely fastened and locked
  • Reduced production of waste water

6 steps to pure, vitalized water:

Step 1 – Sediment filter

Removes deposits such as sand, sludge, rust, etc. from the tap water.

Step 2 – Carbon filter

Retains chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals and heavy metals.

Step 3 – Cationic resin filter

Descales the water, protects the membrane and facilitates ionexchange, replacing calcium ions with sodium ions.

Step 4 – Quality membrane

A molecular separation process takes place in this  quality membrane.

Step 5 – Post carbon filter

Antibacterial, silver-charcoal post-filter for taste improvement and odour removal.


Step 6 – Water activator aquaSpin 3.8

Micro vortices after Victor Schauberger, orgone accummulator after Dr. Wilhelm Reich, energy spool after Georges Lakhovsky, etc.