H.Preiss International offers you a wide and hiqh-quality product portfolio.

Membrane technology for industry

Water cooler and dispenser

Water softener

Further products in our porfolio.

Through excellent engineering, we have been able to put over 100 years of research from various scientists as well as own technical know-how into one unique technology, the aquaSpin water activators. This technology imitates processes from nature itself and is extremely effective without using any electricity or chemicals.

Improvement of water quality and active limescale protection

aquaSpin is a new dimension in physical-energetic water treatment using a system based on nature and special meander turbulence. Once a person has recognised the difference for himself, one thing is totally clear: they will now only drink activated and bio-energetic invigorated water!

BlueSpring24: Tap don’t carry – that is our motto.

The water is gently cleaned and then bio-energetic invigorated, thus water is able to return to its natural state.

Enjoy valuable and inexpensive water directly from your tap.

Particles, impurities and odorous substances, heavy metals, as well as viruses, germs and bacteria in the tap water will be eliminated by the ultrafiltration membrane, further the high-quality activated carbon filter removes chlorine, chemicals, fungicides and herbicides safely from the drinking water.

Hydron – the hydrogen water revolution!

With its great compact design, Hydron is made to take up as little space as possible in the kitchen.

Hydrogen is the chemical element with atomic number 1. It is the lightest of all elements. Hydrogen is quite common in nature in combination with other elements such as oxygen, carbon or nitrogen.

Hydrogen water is very powerful and helps to eliminate free radicals, reducing oxidising stress, as well as providing a safe and easy drinking water source.

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