What does water contain?

The Hydrological Cycle

Let’s have a look at the hydrological cycle in nature.

Water evaporates, ascends and returns to the earth as rain. The rain seeps into the earth where it gathers in underground watercourses. Not a single drop is wasted. The natural cleansing and energizing process takes place.

If water streams out of a natural spring, it is pure and vital by nature.

Unfortunately, natural spring water is a rare enjoyment.

The Quality of Water

Water in its purest form is still found in high mountains such as in New Zealand or the Swiss Alps.

This water from artesian springs, which is unspoiled by humanity, is the standard we set for our drinking-water.

There are foresighted scientists who claim that today our water is no longer able to regenerate itself because it is heavily polluted. This pollution is primarily caused by exhaust fumes and toxic substances from industry and agriculture but also from private homes.

Critical Problem Areas

  • Pharmaceutical residues

  • Residuals from the agriculture

  • Grey zone: stagnated water

  • Viruses and bacteria