10 reasons for pure and vital water

1. Pure water is an investment into our health.

A healthy lifelifestyle helps prevent illnesses. A balanced diet as well as enough exercise play an important role. However, the amount and quality of the water we drink is also crucial. Drinking “healthily” improves our well-being and prevents damages to our health caused by pollutants or a lack of water.

2. Filtering water is more ecological than buying bottled water.

Before we can buy water in supermarkets, it has to be bottled and transported. If we filter water ourselves, we contribute to the preservation of the environment. Less plastic waste, less fuel, less water for cleaning recyclable mineral bottles are just a few of the numerous advantages.

Pure, energetized water tastes better.

Whether we drink it or use it to prepare beverages and food – filtered water tastes better. Tea and coffee develop their full flavors, fresh vegetables keep their vitamins and pasta or rice smell delicious and taste excellent.

4. If we don’t filter our water, our body has to do it.

Polluted water obstructs the excretion of waste products through our kidneys. The remaining substances can manifest themselves through cellulite in our connective tissue and arthrosis or arthritis in your joints. According to recent medical findings, water should contain as few pollutants as possible.

5. The distance from waterworks to water tap is very long.

Our tap water is purified in waterworks and checked according to current regulations. However, there is no guarantee that the water coming out of our taps at home still meets these standards. Long and obsolete water pipes can impair the quality of our tap water.

6. Pure water saves detergent and is a perfect cleansing agent.

There will no longer be lime scale in kettles or coffee machines. Windows can be cleaned with pure water, making detergents unnecessary. An additional water softener protects your washing machine and water pipes, and you will need less shampoo and shower gel.

7. Pollutants should not be contained in our drinking-water.

According to the French scientist Prof. Louise Claude Vincent there is a strong causal relationship between health issues and the quality of our drinking-water. Therefore, water should contain as few unnatural ingredients as possible.

8. Filtering water saves time and money.

Depending on gender, age and weight, the human body needs two to three liters of liquid per day, ideally in the form of water. Therefore, especially families need much water. Bottles have to be bought, carried and stored, and finally they have to be returned to the supermarket. All this needs time and money. When filtering your water at home, you will have less costs and an unlimited amount of water.

9. Animals and plants prefer pure water.

The roots of plants watered with pure and vital water are 60% thicker than plants which receive “normal” tap or mineral water. You can try this yourself! Buy a bunch of flowers and divide it into three vases. One will contain tap water, another one mineral water and one our premium water. The result will be unambiguous. Tests with animals have shown that pets prefer our water to tap or mineral water. This has also been confirmed by pet owners.

10. Pure water helps you lose weight.

With pure water you will lose weight more easily. For every liter of pure water you drink, your organism will burn 50 calories more. Furthermore, pure water cleanses your body faster.