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About us

A small glimse into our history, what we do and care for.

Company profile

Helmut Preiss already realized in 1993 that water will play an immense role and is a key future market. Since then, the company expanded not only nationwide but also internationally. H.Preiss International is particularly well represented in the German, Austrian and French market.

With the innovative H.Preiss products we ensure a better quality of life because only pure, activated water improves wellbeing and enjoyment.


Water is the foundation of our lives. It governs our whole organism, for example by supporting all physical and mental capacity and acting as a transporting and cleansing agent. However, most people are unaware that water can significantly differ in its characteristics.

This is where water becomes interesting. Our aim is to raise awareness regarding the quality of water and to place products on the market that restore its vitalizing power.


We take great care in selecting and further developing our product range in order to ensure that you will acquire a system that will provide a long service. Thanks to outstanding engineers and a high-quality product management it is possible to design water treatment systems that excel through premium technology.

International relations & alliances

Based on mutual trust and cooperation, our business model strives to cultivate alliances which produce opportunities to grow and prosper together with our partners.

We welcome those interested in our company to visit us, and we do our best to make them feel at home. Our customers are, above all, our guests and friends.